2023 Hyperdrive Complete Kit

2023 Hyperdrive Complete Kit

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Hyperdrive mid drive motor / Self Balancing 52/ 64V 16 Amp/hr Battery / Frame Interface / Freewheling Turbine Krankedset / EVOC Backpack / Grin Satiator Charger / VIP install + 1 yr support.

The best of the best

The Hyperdrive contains a custom built, air cooled motor that is nested with high quality bearings in a billet machined heat sink. It is cooled by 35mm internal fan that circulates air throughout the Hyperdrive casing. It is capable of outputting industry leading power, torque and speed. It is also very flexible in it's tuning abilities, with a range of nominal power from light (like other emtb's at 250 watts - 1X or green), to moderate (500-750 watts - 3X or blue), to expert (1250 watts - 5X or black), up to Hyperdrive ( 2750 watts - 11X or triple black).

Multiple Power settings

250 Watt / 750 Watt / 1250 Watt / 2750 Watt

55 amp, continuous, high speed, 32 bit, waterproof controller

External and Internal air cooling /

Weight:: 3.6 kg

Torque: 180n/m. Power to weight 176 w/kg

The Hyperdrive transmission is a two stage reduction that is optimized for natural pedal cadence, motor efficiency, and speed. New to the 2023Hyperdrive is the Swiss watch of gear reduction. Our oil bathed, tight mesh, custom gears transfer the torque in a quiet and silky smooth fashion to the second stage reduction. A 13 tooth ACS freewheel takes this power and pulls a ASC single speed chain turning the 46 tooth freewheeling Krankedset. The Krankedset in turn transfers the power to the 30-38 tooth bike chainring. At maximum throttle (52V battery) the pedal cadence is 100rpm. 80% throttle it is 80rpm. This amazing transmission optimizes the natural pedal cadence of the bike which creates a very similar ride feel, just pushing bigger gears!

2 Stage - cadence optimized

Secret, luscious, oil bathed, torque transferring gears

13T ACS freewheel with carrier

ACS Single speed 3/32" Chain

Freewheeling Krankedset Carrier w 46 tooth Blackspire Motor Chainring and a 30-38 tooth Raceface N/W


The most amazing power source in the world! A small, high intensity power pack that has the capacity to ride you to the top of mountains! Game changing power technology and Kranked makes the best batteries you can buy.

Kranked 52 V - This battery spins the motor into 100% pedal cadence perfection. This means that your bike + will allow you to pedal in the perfect 70- 100 rpms with you inputting your 100-200 watts while the Hyperdrive adds its 250 to 2750 rider controlled watts.

Kranked 64 V - This battery spins the motor 20% faster than the Kranked 52 V. This means that pedal cadence goes above 100 rpm for the last 20% of the throttle. This means more torque, pep, speed and adrenaline. Starts to infringe on moto performance..Industry leading 21700 Samsung 40T cells controlled by a state of the art, self balancing bluetooth enabled controller that has a 75 amp discharge rating paired with 16 a/h, 940 watt hours of capacity.

Kranked 52 V (max 58V) 14S4P

Samsung 21700 40T cells (56 cells) / JKS Bluetooth, self balancing BMS / 75 amp discharge / 16 a/h / 940 watt hours

Kranked 64 V (max 71V) 17S4P

Samsung 21700 40T cells (68 cells) / JKS Bluetooth, self balancing BMS / 90 amp discharge / 16 a/h / 1136 watt hours

The Hyperdrive comes with a 20l Evoc Unlimited backpack with a special back protector that is perfect for carrying the battery. A special battery cable creates the Avatar like moment when you attach the power to the bike. A Cycle Satiator High Voltage 72V Programmable Battery Charger for 36V to 84V Nominal Batteries, Max Output of 5A or 360 Watts. charger is also included.  

20l Evoc Trail Backpack ($350 retail Cdn)

Battery Cord ($100 retail Cdn)

Grin Satiator Charger ($465 retail Cdn)

VIP Install - We will book a time to help via video link make sure that your install is perfect and to offer some expert advice as you get this high performance system set up on your bike! We will be available for any questions or issues that arise as you get used to your new Hyperdrive. We commit to offering this support for the first year.

The Kranked Warranty - 2 years from date of purchase for any material defects. Wearable parts such as chains, tensioners, freewheels, chainrings, are not covered. Battery is covered by a 1 year warranty. We make our kits to last a long, long time, so we will always work with you to fix any issues that will arise.  


2 years - drive

1 year - battery

1 year VIP support