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The heart of the system, this compact electric drive is one of the most powerful and efficient drives on the market. It can output industry leading power of up to 3750 watts, a full 5 hp, while generating up to 180n/m of torque to the back wheel and boasting a Power to Weight ration of 176watts/kg. It is made to downhill the uphill. 


Air cooled by an internal fan that turns at the same revolution as the motor stator. Pulls air through the motor releasing the heat generated by the motor windings. Custom machined bilklet aluminum heatsink transfers heat away from the motor core.


Dual gear reductions allow for an optimized motor eficiency and pedal cadence. A 24t to 38t belt drive reduction combines with a 9.3X planetary reduction allowing the HDM to reach top pedalling speeds of 78kmph and also the ability to climb the steepest of trails. (Downhill the Uphills)