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A solid state charger generally known as the best charger in the world. Comes preset with charging programs that will help maintain the best battery health possible. 4 pre-programmed settings to optimize battery life. Setting 1 - the best way to charge, long and slow with a 90% capacity charge. Setting 2 - the next best way to charge, long and slow with a 100% capacity charge. Perfect if you are using the battery near the end of the charge. Setting 3 - 5 amp quick charge up to 90%. Setting 4 - 5 amp charge up to 100%. The Satiator is also the safest charger on the market, which makes it worth the extra money.

It can also be programmed for all your other batteries, eliminating the need for multiple chargers. The Cycle Satiator is a universal charger for all types of ebike batteries. You can program up to 20 custom charge profiles for any lead, nickel, or lithium battery pack with a full charge voltage of 103V or less. This model is optimized for high voltage battery packs, from 48V to 84V nominal, and has a 5A max output current that is also limited to 360 watts.  

Comes with an Anderson XT60 male charge cord.