Battery Charger

Battery Charger

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The best solid state charger made is the Grin Satiator.  Comes pre programmed from Kranked with profiles allowing for 52 Volt and 64Volt batteries.  Each voltage has a fast and a slow charge profile to allow the battery to be maintained between use at its optimal level.

The slow charge is set to charge the battery. to an optiimal storage voltage of 85% and charges at 1 amp an hour.  This setting should be used aftera ride where there is no big rush to need to use the battery.  The fast charge. profile allows for a 100% charge at 5 amps.  This profile can be used an hour before your ride to top the battery up to full voltage.  This is our recommended best practices for your battery.

All made possible by the great technology of the Grin Satiator.

The Satiator has a custom XT90 charging plug to make it compatable with the Kranked Hyperdrive batteries.