The Kranked Hyperdrive is a high performance, modular, quick install electric mid-drive motor system that retro-fits onto todays best trail, enduro and downhill mountain bikes.

It has industry-leading power, torque and ride control. Developed, tested and hand crafted in the mountains of British Columbia.


Sustainable Goals    

We are committed to making drive systems that are modular, future proof and last a lifetime. Designed to be retrofit onto most existing bikes, including hardtails, fat, trail, enduro and downhill mountain bikes. Repurpose your favourite older bike and make it a cutting edge electric mountain bike! Or / and make the best bike you can a dual sport Hyperdrive electric!

Your Bike+

Your bike can be both deliciously analog, Your Bike and delightfully electric, Your Bike+. Our quick install interface enables the Hyperdrive to be installed or uninstalled in under 10 minutes*

no need for a single use, make your bike dual use!

Fits most current bikes. See install guide here

* once system is set up for the bike!

Total Class

We want to be a total class act! Class 1, 2, 3, 4 - the Hyperdrive can do it all! The Hyperdrive can be programmed and battery paired (52-64V) to deliver anywhere from 250 watts nominal up to 2000+ watts nominal. This allows for a broad range of performance and uses.

Natural Ride Feel and pedal cadence

A pedal cadence optimized power transmission that seemlessly blends the motor power with your pedalling power gives you a natural, familiar ride feel . At any given time on the trail it allows pedalling with no power (analog), pedalling with power (emtb), pedalling with variable power (offroad emtb) and last but not least power without pedalling (moto). 

We use a grip shift like throttle that you as the rider control all the power inputs into the bike.at every moment. A well balanced mid drive with the battery weight in a backpack allows for a natural performance mountain bike suspension handling and pedaling feel.

Compared to today's industry standard eMTB's,

the 64V Hyperdrive boasts


11X 'nominal' power (2750W vs 250W)

5X 'peak' power (3750W vs 750W)

2X torque (180 n/m vs 70-90 n/m)




The Hyperdrive is engineered and built to be the heart of the highest performance electric mountain bikes. It boasts 180n/m torque at the back wheel, a Power to Weight of 176 watts/kg with a peak wattage of 3750 watts. This is offroad emtb and moto settings and the Hyperdrive is paired with the 64V battery pack. We prefer to overengineer, and these are ourt peak values.

The Hyperdrive can also be set up to have a nominal wattage as low as 750 watts with a slower throttle set up which allows it's power to be much more moderate and ideal for most riders.  


Rocky Mountain

Bridging the Power Spectrum

From analog bike (250watts) to emtb (500-750watts), to high performance (1500-4000watts). to moto (6000watts) the Hyperdrive can operate at all these levels. The power is set through a combination of battery choice (52-64 v) and controller power settings. From steady, confident performance to very high performance.  


What no one in the emtb business is talking abourt is Power to Weight!  

Back Pack Battery

A state of the art battery is housed in an EVOC team backpack with special back protection. By wearing the battery, the battery weight is neutralized in relation to ride performance, keeping the added weight on the bike low and centered.  Another way the Hyperdrive system is able to offer superior bike handling, by keeping this weight off the bike.


State of the art batteries containing Samsung 40T 21700 cells powers the Hyperdrive. An advanced self balancing battery management system and bluetooth connectivity allows for real time monitoring of battery health.

Best industry batteries, best BMS, Best Performance

Two battery options available 52V and 64V

1 year warranty



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The 2023 Hyperdrive boasts a new, precision gear reduction system that sets a new benchmark for smooth power transmission and quiet operation. This precision gearing has been custom designed and manufactured exclusively for Kranked. It required a ground up redesign for the power drive and takes the Hyperdrive to the next level in engineering, craftsmanship and performance.

Get your Hyperdrive kit, limited hand crafted production runs


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