Add 10x Power

to your mountain bike.

Industry leading performance has been unlocked with the 2021 HYPERDRIVE from Kranked.

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Let us show you how the 2021 HYPERDRIVE will TAKE you to the TOP!


Industry Leading Power

Powerful enough to ‘Downhill the Uphills.’ The 2021 HYPERDRIVE brings you the future of electric mountain bike performance. Imagine the thrill of shredding to the top of the mountain like you will shred down it! This is accomplished by a 10X power increase over standard emtb's.


250 Watts Nominal

2500 Watts Nominal


750 Watts Peak

3750 Watts Peak


70-90 n/m Torque

180 n/m Torque



YOUR BIKE+ Transform your state of the art DH, Enduro or Trail mountain bike into a high performance electric.  Todays mountain bikes are works of pure performance art. Your bike is a prized possession. One that is set up perfectly for you and your riding preferences. Everything you love about your bike; the pedalling, the ride feel, the suspension kinematics, the handling, the braking, the cockpit, the fact that it has a bottom bracket! etc, all remains the same. Good for your riding, good for storage, good for the planet, good for your wallet! The Kranked interface neatly attaches the Hyperdrive to most of todays high performance bikes.

Dual Sport

Dual Sport. Your bike can be both deliciously analog or mind blowing electric! Change it from analog to electric and back again at your whim. One bike, 2 uses! Want to enjoy the sport of mountain biking with your mountain bike friends? YOUR BIKE. Want to enjoy the sport of electric mountain biking with your new friends? YOUR BIKE+. The Hyperdrive kit can be added or subtracted in under 10 minutes.* It also allows for easy maintenance, repair and transference to other bikes.

Total Rider Control


Pedal with no power


Pedal with power

Pedal with variable power


Power with no pedalling


TRC philosophy is that the rider should have all the control, all the inputs into what the bike is doing at all times. Kranked does this by letting the rider control the power via a throttle. Unlike other systems that have a pre-programmed power setting that are only activated when you pedal , the Hyperdrive allows you to pedal with no power (analog), to pedal and add however much power you need at any given moment (TRC pedelec) or to just use the throttle without pedalling (moto) to boost over technical sections without the fear of pedal strikes. It's a key component to the enhanced performance. Total Rider Control! Why settle for anything else?

Modular Vs Integrated

The Hyperdrive takes advantage of being a modular system vs the industry standard for emtb's of being integrated. The benefits of being modular are:

1) Can be installed on the best mountain bikes without any frame compromises. (No BB on emtb's!!!)

2) Can be repaired or upgraded easily without the entire bike needing to be in the shop.

3) Can be used on multiple bikes, transferable.

4) Can be easily taken off the bike - dual sport.

State of the Art Battery

The Hyperdrive battery is worn in a special backpack. This allows the bike to keep the weight of the Hyperdrive low and centered on the bike, vastly improving its ride kinematics. By wearing the battery the rider is able to make the battery unslung weight and as far a s possible neutralize the weight in relation to ride performance. Due to the power needs of the system, the battery has a little bit of heft to it as it contains state of the art cells that are capable of discharging 2 1/2 times the amps as regular e bike batteries. The new Tesla 21700 Samsumg 40T cells are run in a 17 S 4 P configuration with a Bluetooth, self balancing BMS to ensure longevity and performance. The modular nature of the battery allows for multiple batteries to be brought on rides.


Special Bluetooth BMS (Battery Management System) allows for real time monitoring of battery voltage, balancing, cell health, power draw, capacity and temperature.

Battery kit shown on right includes EVOC Unlimited Freeride Trail with back protection, a Kranked 17S 4P battery with power cord and a solid state Grin Satiator charger. Peak voltage of 71.4 volts capable of 65 amp discharge and a 16 a/h capacity. (1000 w/h)


50+ km


1750 watts


3750 watts


180 n/m


80 km/hr




16 a/h


1000 w/h


1500 m


The Hyperdrive performance sets a new reality for the industry! The Hyperdrive is the result of 8 years of extensive R&D. Hyperdrive V5 boasts a brand new gear reduction system that is super precise like a Swiss watch. Also new is the two power modes. Respect power mode is designed to enhance the pedal cadence and adds 750 watts (nominal) of assist to the ride. On this mode the bike is very similar in power rating to the industry standard Class 1 mountain bikes. Normal mode = On demand 3X power assist, The second mode is the Hyperdrive mode. Flip the switch into Hyperdrive and access up to 4400 watts (peak) of hair straight back superhero power! Hyperdrive power = On demand 10X power. 

Fits on Most Bikes

The Kranked Interface is a patent pending piece of genius that fits most DH, Enduro and trail mountain bikes. Kranked has developed 8 different KI's to fit the 4 different bottom bracket widths, in both a straight and and bent configuration to fit the different down tube styles of todays mtbs. The Kranked Interface can fit 73mm, 83mm, 92mm, 107mm bottom brackets!

Hand Crafted in Small Batches

We are ready to handcraft a limited run of 50 Hyperdrive 5's and invite you to experience our pride and joy. Kranked is set to show the industry true electric performance. Not to mention the massive dose of adrenaline culture this is going to create! This isn't a motor made and lobbied for by a German dishwasher company, no freakin way! This is designed, tested and developed by Kranked. Ride Hard Ride Free!

Building Your Hyperdrive

The Hyperdrive Kit consists of four main assemblies. It is modular in nature, allowing for customization to fit the majority of bikes on the market. The 4 assemblies are:

Hyperdrive Motor, Kranked Interface, Krankedset, and Kranked Battery.

You will need to configure specific variations of the Kranked Interface and Krankedset in order to get a true fit with your bike.

This can be a challenge so we are here to help you and ensure the high performance conversion goes smoothly. Part of our goal with this next 50 kits is to help install it on bikes we have not yet installed on. Please email us what bike you would like to electrify and we will confirm the configurations needed. info@krankedbikes.com


Secure yours with a $150 fully refundable deposit

42/50 left

$3,998.00 USD - shipping starts Oct 30, 2020

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