What are the benefits of a high performance, modular electric drive system versus an underpowered, integrated emtb?

1) Performance - faster, more powerful, no compromises on the frame and suspension, total rider input control, no pedelec BS  2) Modular - easy to upgrade, repair and service 3)  Future Proof  -  no planned obsolescence, transferrable to other bikes 4) Style - looks count! Bulbous blob designs ain't  cool!  5) 241 - why have just an integrated underpowered emtb when you can have a high end mountain bike that dual sports into a high end electric bike with the same ride performance but lots of power?

How fast are the Kranked E²Rides?

Kranked E²Rides equipped with a  E²Superdrive system top speed is 50km/hr or 30mph.  E²Hyperdrive system top speed is 60km/hr or 37mph.   This is based on a drivetrain configuration of a 38 tooth sprocket to a 10 tooth cog at the wheel with full throttle on flat ground.

How far can one ride on a full charge?

Maximum is forever if you just pedal all the time!  Our test rides in the mountains of BC, using lots of assist with up to 1000 meters of vertical elevation average between 30-40km in length.  You have to be in pretty awesome shape to ride this much trail.

How long does it take to add an E²Drive to a mountain bike?

Dual sport conversion from mtb to high performance mtb (electric) is sub 15 minutes once you have done it a couple of times.  To convert back to mtb is sub 10 minutes.  We recommend this is done with a bike stand. 

How is the handling of the E²Ride?

Ride performance is paramount to the design.  The low, centered weight of the drive unit together with the unslung weight of the battery in a backpack allows the E²Rides to have almost identical ride characteristics to the bikes without the kits on them.  Obviously the bike has added weight but in most circumstances that is negated by the extra power it is able to deliver.

Is there battery regeneration?

Lack of rolling resistance is paramount to a bikes performance thus no regeneration system is worth the complexity, weight and hassle in our opinion.  So the answer is no!

How much weight does the system add to the bike?

This is the most frequently asked question we get asked!  As mountain bikers it is a crucial how we judge a mountain bike.  It's not really the right question to judge an electric bike though... but we will answer it.  The  E²Ride system including the Kranked Interface, Krankedset and Bottom Bracket weighs 16 lbs.  The batteries weigh another 5-10 lbs depending on the size.

How much power can the system output?

This is what we like to answer!  The equivalent of over 4 horsepower peak or 3000 watts!  All from a small state of the art electric drive that weighs..well see above.. not nearly as much as 4 horses!!

How amazing is the ride experience?

Imagine downhilling up, across and down.  Imagine having the power of 4 pro xc riders at anytime you need it.  Further, faster, kinda like transcending into the realm of superhero rider!  Blending the performance of man and high performance state of the art shredding machine!  Straight up Kranked.  Super freakin' amazing!

Isn't Kranked a freeride mountain bike film company?

Kranked founder Bjørn Enga started Radical Films and made 8 Kranked films that had a positive influence on riding culture around the world.  Now he has founded Kranked Bikes and has discovered the 10X freeride he always dreamed about.

What sort of maintenance is required /expected?

These are high performance bikes and if ridden hard the way they are designed and built to be ridden then we recommend cleaning and checking the bike after every ride.  Being familiar with mountain bikes is a good idea as the drive train, suspension, and brakes all get used in a rigourous way.  Regular tune ups are a great idea.  The actual drive system is similiar to the rest of the bike as it is modular in nature and thus is a good idea to check the bolts regularly, check the idler chain tensioner too.  The E²Drive itself should have a factory service every 3000 km or 2000 miles.