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Google Earth is a backcountry enthusiasts dream.  I've been looking at the Mcnab Valley on my computer for a couple of years now and finally had  the mettle to see what it's all about.

Mcnab Kranked map

Accessible only by water the Howe Sound access is tricky because there is no public moorage.  There is an industrial wharf controlled by a company called Burnco that does not allow moorage and there is a sheltered private wharf at Mcnab Village that also does not allow public moorage.

Mcnab Creek adventure Kranked_DSC1060

Manabu Saito and myself set off from Granthams Landing with a Kranked Nomad E2 and a Kranked V10 E2 equipped with a trick newly designed Bob trailer rear wheel attachment and a trailer full of batteries.

Mcnab Creek adventure Kranked_DSC1074

Bikes and trailer went in one boat while we putted down Howe Sound past Port Mellon, Gambier Island and arrived at Mcnab Creek.

Mcnab Creek adventure Kranked_DSC1106

Looking down Mcnab Valley to Howe Sound.  North end of Gambier Island is visible.  Air quality due to interior forest fires was hazy.

Mcnab Creek adventure Kranked_DSC1100

We took a wrong turn, lured by the active road use and climbed up to a new hydro project intake.

Mcnab Creek adventure Kranked_DSC1097

Benefit of this was the views of the valley and our ability to look down at where we were supposed to be!

Mcnab Creek adventure Kranked_DSC1162

Mcnab Creek is beautiful and the route follows it for about 5 km on a disused road bed which is very picturesque and surprisingly smooth.  It's disused because the bridge has been dismantled as we found out.

Mcnab Creek adventure Kranked_DSC1180

The water was crystal clear and luckily only up to the Bottom brackets in most places.

Mcnab Creek adventure Kranked_DSC1209

Descending into Salmon Inlet was like entering a postcard.  Insane beauty.

Mcnab Creek adventure Kranked_DSC1230

Mcnab Creek adventure Kranked_DSC1306

By this time it was 6pm and the Inlet was completely void of anything but bald eagles, curious seals and us.  Delightful indeed.  A leisurely swim, product photo shoot, some much needed food and we then we had to pin it back to our boats before night fall hampered our efforts as at this point we were in deep.  "Supernatural" BC at it's finest.


The Kranked E10 E2 pulled the 50 lb Bob trailer both ways with no problem whatsoever.  The new trailer mounts worked like a charm.  On the way back we took it up a notch and had the rig bombing through the backcountry at pace.


Back at Mcnab on the Howe Sound side, the return route took us about 2 hours! We were pretty pinned on the way back.

Mcnab Creek adventure Kranked_DSC1367

Happy with the adventure we embark on the last leg, a 20 km boat ride back.


Looking back at Mcnab Valley as night fall sets in.

Mcnab Creek adventure Kranked_DSC1379

Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Mill at twighlight.  A successful adventure!  Another bucket list check mark!  Woot Woot.

Super impressed by the towing capacity of the Kranked E2 Superdrive - it's taking backcountry access  into whole new territories.

Here's another down and dirty Gopro edit.

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    That was awesome Bjorn! Great to see an adventure like that!

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