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Add up to 10X power with the Kranked E² (E squared) Superdrive.   A custom engineered, modular, 750W electric mid drive power system designed for state of the art mountain bikes.   

Top of it's class in torque, power, control and all ride shred metrics.  Let's wind it up!

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Our mission is to create the highest performance mountain bikes on the planet.  We have been designing, testing and building for integration onto the Santa Cruz Nomad and the Santa Cruz V10 platforms . These combined with the state of the art Kranked E² Superdrive Power System, creates a new breed of high performance mountain bikes. 

It's taken 5 years to get to this point.  We sell these, direct to consumer, as kits and as complete E² Rides.  

They are made in small batches in our coastal British Columbia factory where we are pioneering, supporting and promoting this amazing new ride experience.   

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This truly is 'eco shred tech.'  It's all electric, it can be powered by the sun.  It increases the rider power output, enabling increased speeds.  And as the heading says, it's technology designed to get you into nature!  It's a non-polluting, human assisted, power boost to the spectacular vehicle known as the mountain bike. 

Today's world is all about planned obsolescence.  Buy it, use it, replace it.  Repeat.  Kranked has intentionally designed the E² Superdrive to be used for a long time.  By making every part of it modular, the system is: easily removableeasily upgradedeasily maintained and easily repaired.  It is purpose built to avoid becoming obsolete in the next product cycle.  

The system is comprises of 3 modules: Kranked E² Superdrive Power Module, Powerfusion Crankset Module and the Kranked Interface Module.  These together with an external (backpack) battery pack make up the E² Superdrive.

The heart of the system is the


This compact power plant generates an astounding 240Nm torque at the rear wheel and up to 2250Watts of real world output when needed.  It is tuned to provide on-demand power output to the bikes drivetrain.  

It is geared specifically to complement the riders pedal output at approximately 100 pedal strokes per minute through out the gearing range of the bike (POWERFUSION).  If a rider is adding 150 Watts of pedal input, the rider has the option to add anywhere from 0 to 2250 Watts* additional power input.  * Peak power can only be sustained for short burst - up to 30 seconds.  A more realistic example is, at the nominal power rating of 750 Watts, a rider can increase their 150 Watt output to 900 Watts total.  This is approximately twice the output of a sprinting Tour De France athlete. 

The E² Superdrive has a super trick air cooling system (STAC) that allows the system to stay cool at higher outputs.  This allows for the heavy sustained outputs needed for climbing steep, massive mountains.  It also allows an optional super high output capability (SHOC).  This is the ability to a run a 60 Volt battery and overclock the system,  increasing power output by approximately 16%.  This is only recommended for seasoned riders.  

The E² Superdrive Power Module integrates 6 sub-modules together: All of these sub-mods are integrated onto the Kranked Superdrive Carrier: 1) Kranked Motor (KM750) 2) Super Trick Air Cooling (STAC) 3) Motor Belt Reduction (MBR) 4) Planetary Reduction (PR) 5) High Output Controller (SHOC) 6) Powerfusion Throttle (PFF).  

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A custom freewheeling crankset built around the Kranked PowerFusion Carrier.  This crankset seamlessly fuses the power output of the rider with the power output of the E² Superdrive.  It enables ultimate rider control in how much power the rider chooses at any given time.  Unlike pedelec systems where a preprogrammed processor is in control, here the rider is choosing, controlling all aspects of the ride.  

This module contains the PowerFusion Carrier with Cinch crank arm adaptor, 46 tooth hardened motor chainring, ACS freewheel, 38 tooth narrow wide drive chainring, Raceface Cinch30 mm BB, and choice Raceface Turbine, NeXt or SiXc crank arms. 


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A custom designed interface that attaches the E² Superdrive to the bike frame.  This interface neutralizes lateral motor torque and is attached via the bottom bracket.  The E² Superdrive attaches to the KI via 6 horizontal bolts and 4 smaller bolts affix the controller.    

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The system is designed with an external battery that is housed in a backpack.  This is done to keep the battery weight off the bike frame, and make it unslung weight.  

Kranked does not sell the batteries as this is not our expertise and supporting batteries that we do not make has proven to be challenging in the past.  Kranked does provide a link to a reseller of the batteries we use and obviously the Voltage and Amp draw that the E² Superdrive needs to run as engineered.  

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