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The Kranked Interface (KI) attaches the Hyperdrive onto the mountain bike. It comes in 3 different configurations that allow fitment onto most frame designs. It attaches onto the strongest part of the bike, the bottom bracket, Each model features 3 different adjustments. Bike frame is protected and secured by custom molded platinum silicone inserts.

Kranked Interface (KI) fitment

It is important to fit this interface with your bike frame. In order to get the right fit you will need to know what size and style your bottom bracket is. Bottom brackets are either threaded or Press Fit. You will need to identify which type your bike has. Then the width of the bottom bracket varies depending on the bike category. Trail and Enduro bikes utilize a 73mm (threaded) or 92mm (press fit) width. Downhill bikes utilize a 83mm (threaded) and 107mm (press fit). Finally you have to determine what style of frame you have, straight or bent. So the KI is labelled according to these parameters.  KI73S = 73mm BB and straight frame. KI92B = 92mmBB and bent frame.