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High Performance dual sport electric drive system for mountain bikes.
E2Hyperdrive 20% more hyper than Superdrive 4000 watts of ACCELERATION OPTIMIZED peak output Designed for maximum performance riding we pushed the technology to a new place where the line between mtb and moto blurs at any given moment. At 75% throttle the cadence optimized gearing is done and the E²Hyperdrive delivers the remaining 25% of throttle as high torque acceleration. This is the zone that separates Kranked from the rest! BraaAaap! PURE PEDAL PERFORMANCE 75% Pedal cadence and power is optimized for the first 75% of the throttle throw. This means that in every gear the rider will have a pedal cadence of not more than 100.  After this it's pure acceleration as the Hyperdrive leaves this level and the next level of performance is unlocked. The gearing and compact E2 HyperDrive add up to 4000 watts of additional power to the rider while still using the 100-300 watts of rider input. TOTAL RIDER...