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Exploration Ride for Peak attempt

The goal has been to make it to the Peak of Whistler on a Kranked SkiEride.  So far the journey has been full of learning,  knowledge and to a great degree familiarizing myself with the terrain and the technology.   This adventure was stimulated by the amazing winter conditions on the lower mountain bike trails, and the super fast downhilling the uphill of the day before. So I took the Kranked Hyperdrive out as is, regular tires, no SkiEride attachment and went for a jaunt.  I had to turn around a few times to avoid the mountain operations at the mid stations, and took some routes less travelled.  At the end of the day I discovered a trail of snow to...

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Mountain Hunting Ep.1

It's has been an incredible beginning to November here on the Sunshine Coast.  The sunsets on the west coast of Canada have been fire.  Perfect inspiration to mount a mini expedition to the top of Mount Elphinstone to go mountain hunting.  We loaded the trailer with camera gear and started up. The trailer weighed in at roughly 35lbs and hauled our loot of camera gear.  We had the tripod, drone and video camera and the Battery Pack all strapped in. It was being pulled by the Hightower LT Hyperdrive. The access road was full of boulders and washed out ditches, but we throttled and pedalled our way TO THE TOP.  Only flipping the trailer a few times... We took some pictures of the...

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Straight up Kranked 2

With new, direct air cooling and a more powerful controller, this is a Straight up Kranked ride. 1196 meter of elevation in about 5 km! Down hilling the Uphill. It's a long video, but the performance and the amazing high elevation old growth forest are so so spectacularly loamy and beautiful that it was near impossible to cut most parts!

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