Whistler SkiEride Adventure, Dec 6, 2019

Early season in Whistler has been barren but cold.  There is no snow till about 4500 feet, which means the majority of Whistler Mtn has no snow but the ground is hard.  Perfect conditions from past experience to potentially to make it into the alpine. 
This season Kranked has a new Ski prototype and since I am in Whistler for the amazing Whistler Film Festival from Dec 4-8th, I have a secondary mission to test the new prototype.  Or at least that is my excuse to heed the call of the wild and push this amazing sport further, the call of the Peak is stronger than ever.
I take some time away from the festival on Dec 5 to scout the conditions.  The day is vivid and crisp. The peaks are calling, it's gorgeous up here.  The ground is perfect for the Hightower 3.0 Hyperdrive.  I make the call and get ready the gear ready for tomorrow.  I choose to not put on the studded tires as there is pretty much no snow covering anything and frozen rocks tend to pull the studs out and ruin the tire.
I set off... to discover perfect ascent conditions!  THE PLACE IS FROZEN THOUGH!

The new ski attachment has been designed for these exact conditions.  It is lightweight (carbon legs) and folds into a compact form that fits nicely into the battery backpack.  Therefore I can Eride up the trail till the snow is sufficient to attach the ski.

I'll let the video tell the rest of the story.  It was a great day!  I have tried to reach the alpine 7 times before, and on this day ELLR smiled and granted me success!  RIDE HARD RIDE FREE