To the Top - with industry leading power to weight

Industry leading 176 watts / kg output allows for the next level power to weight.  This is no small accomplishment as standard emtb's only have a 33 watt /kg power to weight.  176 w/kg allows the bike to 'Downhill the uphill' as opposed to slowly (maybe) grind up it. 

This is a really steep track straight up the coastal mountains of BC's southern coast.  The GoPro POV flattens the slope...

Watch the Kranked Hyperdrive Downhill the uphill and get to the rare air of high alpine nectar.  Next level locomotion!  

Being able to ride a downhill race bike straight up the mountain is where Kranked is taking emtb.  Leading, charging, getting the goods.  To the top.  Access the rare air of the top trails by riding straight up Kranked.