Kranked SkiEride - the magic merge of ski, bike and electric technology

It's been an amazing journey pioneering high performance electric drive technology.  I've discovered riding Nirvana, and had so many 'rides of my life' that I am fully satiated and beaming from ear to ear most days.

And, for the last 4 years I have been building a simple ski attachment that replaces the front wheel on my Hyperdrive mountain bikes.  Sometimes I put on a studded winter tire, but most times I just take some air out of the rear tire and go shredding.

The beauty of the system is it's pure ski / mtb heritage.  Nothing needs to change from your bike, no complicated track etc, just your Hyperdrive Mountain bike and a ski attachment, voila, oh ya, having the highest performance electric drive also makes it sing up, down and all around.  Welcome to the world of SkiEride - the birth of a new sport that will bring big beaming smiles to adventurous of the world in the years to come!   Enjoy