SkiEride - peak moments

Ski your high performance Kranked Hyperdrive Bike!  Dual sport, triple sport,  new sport!  Modular goodness!

Kranked founder and principal, Bjørn Enga has been pioneering SkiEriding over the last few years.  It is a nectar fusion of skiing, mtb and high performance emtb. 

It is made possible by the industry leading power of the Hyperdrive, which in the right snow conditions can push the bike past the resistance of the snow and achieve mtb like speeds on the trail.

This first clip is the downhill, the most exciting part of the trail loop.

 This next clip is ripping along the ridge...

This clip is the entire trail loop, which is less sensational but shows the reality of SkiEriding So if you have the time to watch enjoy!