New Respect Power Mode - 96 km range! Protosporting...

Kranked has been singularly focussed on electric drive performance and 100% about MAX performance.  We have spent the last 9 years obsessed about going up the mountain as fast as possible.

But now we have had a EUREKA moment...

So we developed the RESPECT power mode.  This mode can be set to the legal nomimal wattage allowed for a Class 1 electric bikes.  In North America this is either 500 or 750 watts. 

So our new 2021 Hyperdrive will be equipped with 2 Power Modes.  The RESPECT Mode and HYPERDRIVE Mode. Flip the switch and have a Class 1 Electric bike, flip it to HHYPERDRIVE and you have a Class 4 high performance mountain bike.

One electric drive, two very distinct ride characteristics.  RESPECT mode augments your own pedal power and uses substantially less power from the battery thereby increases your range.

We took the pre-production 2021 Hyperdrive on a distance test ride on the Valley trail in Whistler last night to find out what sort of range could be expected.  With the new Bluetooth battery BMS and Strava running we did a 14.1 km lap down to Green Lake and then back to the Village.  The goal was to maintain a 20km/hr speed.  

Starting a/h is 11.98 - finishing a/h of 9.63 = 2.35 a/h battery used

Total distance 14.1 km (at an average speed of 21.7 km/h and 136 m elevation)

14.1km divided by 2.35 a/h = 6 km distance for every 1 amp of battery capacity.

Therefore with a 12 amp hour battery (12*6)= 72 km range

Therefore with a 16 amp hour battery (16*6)= 96 km range

To be honest I don't think I could ride that long at this pace, but I do know that any XC racer would have no problem keeping the pace!  

At this pace it would take 3.32 hours to ride 72 km and 4.42 hours to ride 96 km.

The Kranked Hyperdrive - adds super crazy range with it's Respect Power Mode.  Welcome to the new world of Superhero riding performance gains!