Mountain Hunting Ep.1

It's has been an incredible beginning to November here on the Sunshine Coast.  The sunsets on the west coast of Canada have been fire.  Perfect inspiration to mount a mini expedition to the top of Mount Elphinstone to go mountain hunting. 

We loaded the trailer with camera gear and started up. The trailer weighed in at roughly 35lbs and hauled our loot of camera gear.  We had the tripod, drone and video camera and the Battery Pack all strapped in. It was being pulled by the Hightower LT Hyperdrive.

The access road was full of boulders and washed out ditches, but we throttled and pedalled our way TO THE TOP.  Only flipping the trailer a few times...

We took some pictures of the bikes for the YOUR BIKE + marketing campaign.  This campaign will roll out over social media and is designed to showcase state of the art mountain bikes transformed into Hyperdrives by Kranked. 

No marketing fluff, just real adventures , getting places you dream of - like the top of the mountain!  Why not shred a V10 World Cup DH bike TO THE TOP and to go Mountain Hunting.   Bag a shot or two of the things we love!  Mountains!

Alpen glow ft Mount Tantalus in our lens. Looking North towards Whistler.   A successful mountain hunt!

Slightly to the East looking over Howe Sound, we found Mount Garibaldi and Brohm Ridge. The sunset was fire, casting a beautiful alpine glow on the Coast range.

Looking out over Vancouver Island.  Being at the top was awesome and we lingered a little bit too long playing with the drone. Night fell and we had to get down in the dark. A true adventure in all senses.