Kranked's oldest customer has been riding for 89 years!

  • Post by  Bjorn Enga Apr 04, 2019

Tom grew up riding bikes and horses.  He tells us that he thinks he rode his first bike when he was 6 years old.  Back in 2017, we received a call from his daughter, Kathy.  She said, "My father has seen your kits and was wondering if you could install it on his bike?"

After learning his age and his bike, it was apparent that the Kranked Superdrive would be too much of a kit!  We tried to talk her out of it, I mean these kits are meant to blast you up the mountain.  Kathy was politely insistent.  Tom wanted a Kranked Superdrive!

Ok then!  Kranked prides itself on building quality bikes, custom tailored to our clients needs, so we agreed.  The challenge was to de-tune and make the kit manageable in power output.  On this build that meant a really nice smooth gradual acceleration and reduced top speed. 

Tom, thank you for pushing us, inspiring us and being our riding buddy.