Kranked Sea Otter Ebike Interviews 2019

 Kranked's Jesse O'Leary has captured some great interviews on the state of the "ebike" at this years Sea Otter Classic.  Random pros and riders, including Greg Minnaar, Loris Vergier and Geoff Gulovich answer his questions and give us some valuable, cool insight into how opinions are changing at the beginning of the 2019 season.

Here at Kranked it is refreshing to get such optimistic positive answers, and so we wanted to put together a little edit to document it.  The opinions of these core cyclists is changing rapidly from a distinctly anti/hate stance to one of positivity.  The amazing positive experience is breaking down the negative opinions one ride at a time! 

"You can't hold an amazing shred down!"  This is a universal law that powers us here at Kranked.

Although...  there is still a strong sentiment that pedelec, underpowered, bulbous bikes are great but performance, throttle control bikes are terrible.  Oh that's explored in part 2, or the next edit!  

Ride Hard Ride Free