2021 Hyperdrive Production Update #3 - Motor build #3

2021 Hyperdrive contains our new gear reduction system that is smoother, quieter and has a Swiss precision that all gear junkies (no pun intended) will love!. Here you see the motor units with the 5 tooth pinion gears attached.

The motor / gear components have really tight production specifications and fitments. Below the custom fan is added along with a sealed bearing and spring washer.

The Hyperdrive is outputting an industry leading 176 watts/kg power to weight ratio.  This output is far ahead of the appliance influenced big brands who have settled for a much lower 33 watts/kg power to weight.  Above you can see the custom fan that pulls air through the motor helping to keep the motor as cool as it can be when up to 60 amps is pushed into it.  

Above shows all the wiring being hardwired.  This step takes a long time and makes production more complicated but solves a very real problem that happens time and time again with wire harnesses. These harnesses degrade over use and create signal problems that are very hard to diagnose and cause untold issues.  

60ml of the highest grade gear oil is added to the gear box once it is all sealed up.  Now the rest of the kit is being put together, including the Interface, Krankedset and Battery system.