2021 Hyperdrive Production Update #1 - Motor build part 1

Redefine Electric Performance

We have just started our commercial production to our 2021 Hyperdrives.  This production run of 50 units has been beset by logistical challenges and our timelines have been pushed back numerous times.  So it is very exciting to have the key components in our possession. 

Key to the Hyperdrive system is the motor. We have worked with these Headline motors from Taiwan for 10 years now and have yet to find a superior product.  We get superhero performance from them and they are very rugged.  The motors arrive as pictured below.


Our first kits built between 2014-2019 utilized them along with a planetary gearbox and these kits are all going strong.

Step One:  We remove the faceplate, seal and bearing.

Step 2: We remove the control board exposing the stator and windings.

Step 3: We pull the stator out and true it up on the lathe to ensure the most efficient and quiet operation as it spins up to 7500rpm. The truer it spins the less noise it makes!

Step 4: Next we make sure that the front face of the stator is perfect too and free from any small production deviations as the tolerances we need to achieve are very, very tight!

Step 5: A time consuming job of removing every last bit of iron from the truing process.  These stators have very strong magnetic fields which the iron sticks too with tenacity. The stators also have a magnetic attraction to each other, which happened to these two, thus the iron shards on the 'clean' stator!

Step 6: Next we cut off the existing pinion gear in order to install our proprietary, and new gear reduction system.  This new gear reduction is the reason we have done the massive redesign for Version 5!  It has taken us 2 years to figure this reduction out!! So we are putting in the patent paperwork right now which means we can't publish anything yet about it!

Step 7: Remove the rear motor bearing as we replace this with a higher quality and larger bearing.  Check out the custom bearing puller!

Stay tuned for the next steps in the production process.

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