2021 Hyperdrive Production Update #2 - Motor build part 2

In this blog post we show you how the motor windings, stator and circuit board all get assembled into the custom motor heat sink.

The Hyperdrive outputs an industry leading power to weight of 176 watts per kg.  In order to protect the motor from a thermal runaway overheating event we build a thermistor circuit that monitors the heat in the windings and will trigger the controller to turn the motor off if the motor gets to 125 degrees.  

The circuit includes a resistor, thermistor and some random wires!

It gets added to the motor control board and communicates with the controller temperature settings.  We also modify the controller phase wires so that they attach directly to the motor windings. 


The motor heatsink gets heated to 300 degrees which allows the windings to be placed inside and to be shrunk in place as the aluminum heatsink cools.


The heatsink is heated to 300 in order to slide the windings into place.

Here the raw windings are beside the heatsink.

Eye candy!

Next the motor stators are outfitted with a new oversized sealed bearing, and the pinion shaft is precision fit and secured to the stator with special high bond lock tight, as well as being pinned with an expansion roll pin. This double redundancy ensures no issues.

At this point the motor board, containing the hall sensors, temperature circuit and phase wires is added and the phase wires are soldered directly onto the windings.

There are a couple more steps necessary before the motor build is complete.  These will come in the next post.  What you see here is a custom, rebuilt motor that allows for extraordinary outputs! 

Ride hard, ride free