2015 historical Santa Cruz V10 Hyperdrive returns

This V10 was bought by Kranked in 2015 to electrify with our first Superdrive build.  It showed us how amazing the new 27.5" wheels were on an electrified V10 back in 2015.  Our version 3 Superdrive along combined with this bike took the electrified performance to a new, mind blowing level.  

The bigger wheel set revolutionized the pedalling of the V10, which combined with the Hyperdrive made this bike easily 20-30% better than the 26 inch V10, - so a huge leap in performance from the V10.

It was good to hear the Version 3 (2015)  E2 Superdrive whirling strong as it heads into it's 6th season of game changing performance.  

The 2021 V5 Hyperdrive that we were fitting on the V10 is heading to Evanstone, Wyoming.  Can't wait to get it back in 6 years and hear about all it's amazing experiences.