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2021 Hyperdrive Production Update #1 - Motor build part 1

Redefine Electric Performance We have just started our commercial production to our 2021 Hyperdrives.  This production run of 50 units has been beset by logistical challenges and our timelines have been pushed back numerous times.  So it is very exciting to have the key components in our possession.  Key to the Hyperdrive system is the motor. We have worked with these Headline motors from Taiwan for 10 years now and have yet to find a superior product.  We get superhero performance from them and they are very rugged.  The motors arrive as pictured below.   Our first kits built between 2014-2019 utilized them along with a planetary gearbox and these kits are all going strong. Step One:  We remove the faceplate, seal and bearing. Step 2:...

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New Respect Power Mode - 96 km range!

Kranked has been singularly focussed on electric drive performance and 100% about MAX performance.  We have spent the last 9 years obsessed about going up the mountain as fast as possible. But now we have had a EUREKA moment... So we developed the RESPECT power mode.  This mode can be set to the legal nomimal wattage allowed for a Class 1 electric bikes.  In North America this is either 500 or 750 watts.  So our new 2021 Hyperdrive will be equipped with 2 Power Modes.  The RESPECT Mode and HYPERDRIVE Mode. Flip the switch and have a Class 1 Electric bike, flip it to HHYPERDRIVE and you have a Class 4 high performance mountain bike. One electric drive, two very distinct...

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Exploration Ride for Peak attempt

The goal has been to make it to the Peak of Whistler on a Kranked SkiEride.  So far the journey has been full of learning,  knowledge and to a great degree familiarizing myself with the terrain and the technology.   This adventure was stimulated by the amazing winter conditions on the lower mountain bike trails, and the super fast downhilling the uphill of the day before. So I took the Kranked Hyperdrive out as is, regular tires, no SkiEride attachment and went for a jaunt.  I had to turn around a few times to avoid the mountain operations at the mid stations, and took some routes less travelled.  At the end of the day I discovered a trail of snow to...

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