The 2021 Kranked Hyperdrive is a powerful, state of the art, hand crafted, quick release electric motor kit that fits onto high end mountain bikes.  It can go very fast and is engineered to "Downhill the Uphills". It is the result of 8 years of thrilling rides, each one responsible for a progression of the technology and riding abilities.

Kranked is a small company nestled on the mountainous coast of British Columbia with a heritage of making free ride mountain bike films. The new level of riding that this technology enables, is so thrilling that Kranked predicts it's going to be the biggest new action sport since Snowboarding.

We've kept our little secret quiet till we were ready. Join Kranked in pioneering the next level of riding. Braaap!

Welcome to the


super amazing HYPERDRIVE



Redefining Electric Performance


Kranked is currently making a limited series of 50, 2021 Hyperdrive kits. These are expected to be ready to ship in late November, just in time for Xmas. Kranked is offering a special price of $3998.00. (reg $4998) for these first 50 with an advanced pre-order.  


The Kranked Hyperdrive has been designed from the very beginning (2013) with the goal to create the highest performance electric mountain bikes on the planet.   Early on we decided to concentrate on fitting the best drives onto the best mountain bikes. Riding these bikes and pushing the limits of what we thought was possible has resulted in years of breakthroughs and next levels.

Our design philosophy of performance, modularity, style has created a unique product that gives us such a next level ride experience, we want you to experience. In this way we think the world will be a better place! Back in 1997, when in production of the freeride film Kranked - Live to Ride, the Kranked mission, which lives on today was (is) "Inspire people to get out into nature with a healthy dose of adrenaline."

Ride hard

Ride free


The Kranked Hyperdrive differs from emtb's by offering more power, more speed, more torque and more rider control. Also being modular, it means you can install /uninstall it on your favourite trail, enduro or downhill bike. The 52V battery pairing with the Hyperdrive is recommended for 100% pedal cadence and a natural mountain bike ride feel.

Compared to today's industry standard eMTB's,

the Hyperdrive boasts

11X 'nominal' power (2750W vs 250W)

5X 'peak' power (3750W vs 750W)

2X torque (180 n/m vs 70-90 n/m)


The Kranked Hyperdrive can also play in the moto realm with the 71.4V battery pairing. With the motor spinning 20% faster, the bike pedal cadence is lost at 80% throttle and the top end is pure moto. For the first time in history, the mountain bike is stepping into the exclusive domain of the 'moto' world. Lightweight mountain bike ride kinematics with moto power, on tap anytime you need it.


Your bike can be both deliciously analog and mind blowing electric! Transform your bike from analog to electric and back again at your whim (2-15 minutes) with our patent-pending, quick-release, interface bracket. One bike, two uses. Brilliant! It is also transferable to other bikes, so will not become obsolete in a season!

Deliciously Analog

It takes 2-5 minutes to take the Hyperdrive system off and transform back to deliciously 100% analog.

Mind Blowing Electric

Add the Hyperdrive (5-10mins) and transform your bike into a mind blowing electric.


Transform your state of the art downhill, enduro or trail mountain bike into YOUR BIKE +.  Everything you love about your bike; the pedalling, the ride feel, the suspension kinematics, the handling, the braking, all remains the same. Except that now it has the added magic of 11X power on tap. Want to put the Hyperdrive on another bike? No problem! Good for the planet and good for you.


Total Rider Control (TRC) means the rider controls the power input needed at every moment. The Hyperdrive offers the most mountain bike like ride experience by allowing Total Rider Control over all the ride inputs. Our system is controlled by a throttle, which allows for variable adjustments of the amount of power needed on the trail, from 0-100%! It allows you to pedal with no power, pedal with power (emtb), Pedal with variable power and last but not least power without pedalling. You are not restricted in anyway how you want to ride your Hyperdrive bike at any moment.


A state of the art battery is housed in an EVOC team backpack with special back protection. By wearing the battery, the battery weight is neutralized in relation to ride performance, keeping the added weight on the bike low and centered. 


State of the art batteries containing Samsung 40T 21700 cells powers the Hyperdrive. An advanced self balancing battery management system and bluetooth connectivity allows for real time monitoring of battery health.


The new Hyperdrive boasts a new precision gear reduction system that sets a new benchmark for power transmission and quiet operation. This precision. gearing has been custom designed and takes the Hyperdrive to the next level .

Our production schedule has started and the first Hyperdrives will be ready to ship by the end of November! So if you want to ensure delivery of the highest performance electric mountain bike drive system on the planet, put your order in now. Deliveries will be on a first come first serve basis. Now is your chance to get one of the limited series 2021 Hyperdrives.

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