Kranked Hyperdrive is a patent pending, high performance, quick release, electric drive system

that transforms YOUR BIKE into uncharted electric performance.



There is an Avatar like moment when you plug into a Hyperdrive and the world of riding changes. On demand 11X superhero power to your back tire allows you to downhill the uphills. Our special sauce is adding this power to today's top mountain bikes. The best + the best! The Hyperdrive increases the bikes power to weight ratio by 987%. Top Speed = 80km/h, max torque on rear wheel 180 n/m.  Total Rider Control (TRC) allows rider to add 0 to 3750 watts at any given moment. All while maintaining the ride feel of the mountain bike. This is the magic sauce, superhero power for us mortal riders!!!


Now you can transform your state of the art DH mountain bike into a high performance electric. Everything you love about your bike; the ride feel, the kinematics, the handling, the braking, it all remains the same. The Kranked Hyperdrive attaches to the bottom bracket and downtube and does not disturb the sacred pedigree of YOUR BIKE. Kranked + (adds)! up to 3750 watts of on demand power. So in essence it's YOUR BIKE + 3750w on demand! That's our jam, high performance riding!!!. Why not make the DH bike the highest performance by utilizing its downhill amazingness on the uphill too! We cracked the code!


Your Bike + is perfect for ENDURO riding to. The Hyperdrive is optimized for pedalling input, and the the mtb ride kinematic. S0 we highly recommend the new breed of Enduro bikes for the Hyperdrive as well. Enduro with another E is all about FAST everywhere. If you are fast down, you be fast up the same trails! This is the future now!


Transform analog to electric and back again at your whim. One bike, 2 uses! The Hyperdrive kit can be added or subtracted in 10 minutes*, allowing your bike to be both deliciously analog or mind blowing electric!


Handcrafted in small batches in the mountains of BC. Inspired by the next level of riding experience. The thrill of mountain biking is pushing the limits of locomotion in nature. It's rider and machine in flowing harmony. The Hyperdrive has redefined electric performance to allow the uphills to be shredded like the downhills.  All on your state of the art, badass ripping mountain bike. This isn't a motor made by a German dishwasher company, no freakin way!, This is designed, tested and developed by Kranked. Our company tagline line since 1997 is Ride hard, ride free!

How to build a Hyperdrive Kit

The Hyperdrive Kit is a compact, modular electric drive system that is made to integrate as an add -on to trail, enduro and dh mountain bikes. It consists of 4 main assemblies:

Hyperdrive (HDM), Kranked Interface (KI), Krankedset (KS), Kranked Battery (KB).

You will need to purchase specific variations of the Kranked Interface (KI) and Krankedset (KS) in order to get a true fit with your bike.

This can be a challenge so we are here to help you and to ensure the high performance conversion goes perfect. Check out the information below and then feel free to email us info@krankedbikes.com

Step 1 - add HDM to cart

Hyperdrive (HDM)

The heart of the system, this compact electric drive is one of the most powerful and efficient drives on the market. It can output industry leading power of up to 3750 watts, while generating up to 180n/m of torque to the back wheel. It is made to downhill the uphill. 


  • 70.6 Volt battery input
  • 2500 watt continuous output
  • 3750 watt peak output
  • 55 amp continuous controller
  • Internal air cooling
  • Gates belt reduction gearing
  • Hardened planetary gears
  • TRC (total rider control) throttle
  • SB50 Power Cord
  • 13 tooth ACS freewheel
  • ACS single speed chain

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Step 2 - Choose and add KI to cart

Kranked Interface (KI)

The Kranked Interface (KI) attaches the Hyperdrive onto the mountain bike. It comes in 3 different configurations that allow fitment onto most frame designs. It attaches onto the strongest part of the bike, the bottom bracket, Each model features 3 different adjustments. Bike frame is protected and secured by custom molded platinum silicone inserts.

Kranked Interface (KI) fitment

It is important to fit this interface with your bike frame. In order to get the right fit you will need to know what size and style your bottom bracket is. Bottom brackets are either threaded or Press Fit. You will need to identify which type your bike has. Then the width of the bottom bracket varies depending on the bike category. Trail and Enduro bikes utilize a 73mm (threaded) or 92mm (press fit) width. Downhill bikes utilize a 83mm (threaded) and 107mm (press fit). Finally you have to determine what style of frame you have, straight or bent. So the KI is labelled according to these parameters.  KI73S = 73mm BB and straight frame. KI92B = 92mmBB and bent frame.

Choose the KI that fits Your Bike

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Step 3 - Choose and add KS to cart

Krankedset (KS)

The Krankedset (KS) allows for the seamless blend of motor power with rider pedal power. It features a ACS freewheel and a custom carrier with Cinch crank arm interface adaptor. It allows for a 32 to 38 tooth drive chainring and 42 to 46 tooth motor chainrings.

Krankedset (KS) fitment

The Krankedset has options for different size chain rings and crank arms. The drive chain ring can be between 32 teeth and 38 teeth. This sizing is determined by the chain ring clearance of the rear bike stay. Some bikes have a maximum clearance of 32 teeth, while others can accommodate up to a 38 tooth. This will make a difference on your gearing, either a tall (big ring) or a smaller ring. Then we can pair this ring with the motor chain ring. Generally we recommend a 42-46 tooth to optimize the pedal assist. The bigger motor ring is better for steep ascents while the 42 tooth gives you higher speeds on undulating terrain. Lastly you get to choose either a carbon crank arm - Raceface Next R or an aluminum - Raceface Turbine. KS32/42T = 32 drive chainring/42 Motor chainring/ Turbine Cranks

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Step 4 - Choose and add KB to cart

Kranked Battery (KB)

The Kranked Battery (KB) is a 17S (peak 70.6V) high discharge pack built with Samsung 40T- 21700 cells. It comes in two sizes and features industry leading real time bluetooth management system that ensures constant balancing and monitoring of each series of cells. We run a top voltage of 70Volts to maximize efficiencies and performance. It is carried in a backpack due to it's size. By including it on the rider, the mountain bike kinematics, style and handling are retained.  


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