Experience High Performance

Kranked is dedicated to making products that create amazing riding experiences.

Our Hyperdrive Kits supercharge state of the art mountain bikes with 3750 watts of total rider controlled power.

It's a superhero performance gain that puts RedBull to shame!

  We design, build, test and support our products from the coastal mountains of British Columbia.


Hyperdrive Kit

Our flagship product is the Hyperdrive Kit. It is a compact, modular electric drive system that consists of 4 sub assemblies: Hyperdrive (HD), KI (Kranked Interface), Krankedset (KS), Battery Pack (BP). Check out the details below.

Hyperdrive (HD)

The heart of the system, this compact electric drive is one of the most powerful and efficient drives on the market. Capable of generating 180n/m of torque to the back wheel it is made to downhill the uphill. 


  • 67.2 Volt battery input
  • 2500 watt continuous output
  • 3750 watt peak output
  • 55 amp continuous controller
  • Internal air cooling
  • Gates belt reduction gearing
  • Hardened planetary gears
  • TRC throttle / SB50 Power Cord
  • 13 tooth ACS freewheel
  • ACS single speed chain

KI (Kranked Interface)

The KI (Kranked Interface) attaches the Hyperdrive onto the mountain bike. It comes in 3 different configurations that allow fitment on most frame designs. It attaches onto the strongest part of the bike, the bottom bracket, Each model features 3 different adjustments. Bike frame is protected and secured by custom molded platinum silicone inserts.

Krankedset (KS)

The Krankedset (KS) allows for the seamless blend of motor power with rider power. It features a ACS freewheel and a custom carrier with Cinch interface adaptor. Allows for a 32 to 38 tooth drive chainring and a 42 to 46 tooth motor chainring. Chainrings are held onto carries with steel bolts to handle the torque. transmitted.


Dual Sport

Transforms existing mountain bikes into high performance electrics. 15 minute install / 10 minute uninstall

One bike / two sports

No planned obsolescence / single use is madness

Use on multiple bikes over multiple years

Eco shred tech at it's finest


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