After years of a quest to create the highest performance ebike in the world. Kranked High Performance proudly brings you the V10 Hyperdrive!
Here are some quick testimonials from people who tried the E²Superdrive at Crankworx in Whistler. Be aware a few excited swear words are used.
Back then the access to the backcountry and trails along with the range were what wee were trying to show.
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High Performance

V10 Hyperdrive


- V10 Superdrive   3000 watts of on-demand TRC power, 150 n/M torque, cadence optimized gearing, V10 world cup race kinematics, S build / 58 Volt / 100amp peak/ 40 amp continuous / 1058 Watt hours capacity.

- V10 Hyperdrive  - 3750 watts of on-demand power, 180 n/M torque, cadence optimized gearing, latest Santa Cruz Bicycles downhill race...