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Electric mountain bike pioneer Chris Rothe and his Ecobike Adventures partner Craig Wilson alongside Kyle Paredes hosted the 2nd annual electric Bike festival at the Sierra Touring Company Ranch in the Lost Seirra's July 7-9.  A soulful, fun weekend that brought the pioneers of electric mountain biking together to hang, race and talk shop.  There was an assortment of electrics, from pedal assist to 15kw moto rippers.  The event was low key and welcoming.  Pretension and posing was non-existent which was such a nice change... It was also fantastic to be in the midst of like minded folk and not having to take uninformed, nasty barbs from e-rascists!


What a setting to camp and enjoy the ride.  The 2000 acre ranch with 100 miles of privately owned trails was the perfect spot to have the event.


Chris Rothe - the driving force behind the festival has been building and riding e-mtb's since 2011.  His passion has translated into a thriving Ecobike Adventure touring company which is at the forefront of e-mtb guided tours in California.  Check out his website here


Kyle Paredes flew in from Hawaii to race and help run the event.  This guy came to play and raced both pedal assist ( he won!) and the open class (3rd).




Todd Greenwell representing the super high power class with a bike that topped out at a whopping 15 kw and oozing style in his get up!


Doing a little course preview.  Wheelies and parrots!  Check out red shirt, right shoulder!  Don't tell me this isn't the real deal!


Tangent Motors, Dave Dubose came with a very impressive, technologically amazing bike.  There is so much greatness to this bike I do not know where to start!


Here's the master builder and uber fast racer Dave himself.  His compact drive system with advanced gear reduction was truly impressive to watch rip the Northern Cali terrain.  He came second in the open class, narrowly missing the top spot with a bike that boasted less than a 1/3 the Kw's to the winner.  He was moving out when he blasted past me on his second lap.  True Braaap master!


The pioneer of the electric bike scene, Keith Hodgson ran an electric bike store in Santa Cruz from 1998-2008!  I didn't even know electric bikes really existed back then.  Heck I was busy thinking Freeride mtb was the bomb!  If I'd only known!  Keith's been electrified for decades and it was so great to have an opportunity to meet and hear his stories.



The Ranch hosted a great lunch in the barn between racing with live music and great vibes.


Kranked E10 enjoyed some amazing rides through the Lost Seirra's an was treated to an amazing sunset on the surrounding valley.


Enleau O'connor with his parrot was the fastest person at the ranch with his 15kw rear hub Enduro bike.  He absolutely tore up the open bike class and rode that thing like a demon child!


This is a special shot.  It has nothing but pioneers of this emerging sport.  Guys that have been in early and through their efforts have advanced this amazing technology and riding experience.  From r to l, Dave Dubose (Tangent Motors), Keith Hodgson (Synergy Cycles), Brad Davis (EcoSpeed/Nomad Cycles PDX), Kyle Paredes (Chillaxin Apparrel), Chris Rothe (EcoBike Adventures) and me! Bjørn Enga (Kranked) - I snuck in there wanting to stand tall with these guys!


This was the best part of my race as shortly after I had a chain issue I could not resolve.  DNF.  But look at Johnny in the background.  That makes it all OK!


The winners in the open class. 1st - Enleau O'connor  2nd - Dave Dubose  3rd -Kyle Peredes  4th - Chris Rothe

Screenshot 2017-08-09 13.45.30

Screenshot 2017-08-09 13.45.41

Trevor Snowden-photo credit Nina Rothe

Trevor Snowden sends it in his hot rodded chair!  This guy is core!

_DSC0757 (1)

Father vs Son, Max Rothe grabs the adult bike while Chris pins the electrified 20 inch fatbike.


Brad Davis throwing some style into the jump contest!


My California brothers!!!  Thanks for hosting such a great event and bringing us electric bike zealots together to celebrate and ride!  Oh yeah and a shameless plug.  They were kind enough to award the Kranked E10 the "Best of Show" award.  Here's a fresh build glory shot!


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  1. Keith L Hodgson says:

    Bjorn, Kyle,Dave,Brad ,Chris & Sierra touring company ranch. Thanks for amazing weekend .
    Great representation by professional visionary future industry leaders,what.an honor .
    See ya all next year!!!

  2. Jimyi says:

    I am interested in the kranked kit.
    My bike is Yeti sb6c.
    Is it possible to install the kranked kit here?
    Please give me information about the kranked kit.


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