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A Cool, Conscious Adrenaline Community

The Kranked Kartel is a loose alliance of creative, adrenaline inspired folks who believe that...

  • two wheels are better than four
  • it's better to mindfully create than mindlessly consume
  • if you're not consciously present in the moment you're letting your life pass by unnoticed.

We're currently looking for riders, artists, and designers to join the Kartel and collaborate with us on future Kranked bikes, gear, and media. Let's work together to make wicked products that showcase your talents and earns you $$$ and recognition for your mad skills!!!

If you want to support this cool, conscious, adrenaline movement and help shape the future of freeriding, sign-up to the Kartel mailing list. We'll make sure you're one of the first to know as soon as we officially open the Kartel doors to the public!

In the meantime, check out the cool videos below to see some of the Kartel's founding members doing their awesome thing.


Holly Feniak, Kranked team rider &
Canadian Junior Women's Downhill Champion

Musician Steve Weave plays a tribute to Adam "MCA" Yauch
at "this is it" during the Roberts Creek Art Festival

Visitors also enjoyed demos of the Kranked ERIDES at this venue.

"Big Balls" -- Featuring Sunshine Coast sculptor Robert Studer,
his big balls, and a Kranked ERIDES trip through the forest.

Sunshine Coast artist Ben Tour creates a stunning work of art
for a custom Kranked helmet.

Musician and sound architect Steve Wright kicking out some soulful jams.

Steve is a frequent Kranked collaborator - you'll hear his music in many
of our short films, including several on this page.

Firelogs - Sunshine Coast artist and lumberjack Riley McFerrin has fun with
a chainsaw and the Kranked logo goes up in flames.