E ENDURO - V10 handling at Superdrive speeds

The Nomad's reputation is built on consistently pushing the envelope of how DH a bike can get while still remaining a mountain trail viper.

The addition of the E² Superdrive takes full advantage of these insane trail viper ride characteristics and creates a pinnacle of performance one needs to E Enduro like a pro.

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The ultimate goal of a performance mountain bike is to be able to push the limits up, down and all around the mountain.  This fusion of two fourth generation designs, the Santa Cruz Nomad and the Kranked E² Superdrive has created a new performance paradigm.  The Nomad sees a dramatic shift to the lower-link mounted shock configuration. This is the first time that learnings from years of V10 development have translated across to a trail bike.

The shock rate is now almost completely linear—which means feather-light small bump sensitivity right off the bat, a supportive midstroke and overall progression that you'd normally only experience on a DH bike. To keep the gravity vibe going the Nomad can run both standard metric coil shocks and lighter air units to suit any preference.

Full shock compatibility creates challenges when trying to cram everything into the precious bottom bracket area. But the continued evolution of our carbon tech means we're able to create a svelte, strong, swingarm/front triangle combo that's as much art as it is engineering.

There is a flip-chip feature on the lower link too. Think of the high setting as "regular", the way the bike's mostly meant to be ridden, and the low setting as being closer to full on DH status.

The whole package is crowned with a raft of subtle yet essential details. Bolt-on downtube protectors and shuttle guards act as a helmet for your frame—a replaceable front line against abuse. An integrated shock fender has also been added to keep crud out of the suspension.

The crowning glory of the Nomad, however, has been in the making longer than the frame itself: the all new Santa Cruz Reserve carbon wheels.  Spec'd on all the model year 2018 bikes, you gotta get a set.


  • 750 Watt Nominal E² Superdrive
  • 73 mm Kranked Interface
  • Freewheeling Krankedset
  • 2250 Watt Peak
  • 170Nm Torque
  • Internal Air Cooled
  • Modular, future proof design
  • 100%  rider controlled throttle power input
  • 148mm rear axle spacing
  • 170mm  VPP™ suspension
  • 27.5" wheels
  • Radial contact bearings maximize stiffness
  • Double sealed pivots for long bearing life
  • Forged upper and lower links
  • Full carbon frame and swing arm
  • Internal carbon tubes ensure precise and hassle-free routing of derailleur and seat post cables
  • ISCG-05 tabs for chain guide compatibility
  • Molded rubber swing arm and down tube protection
  • Recessed lower link protected from rock strikes
  • Single grease port on lower link for swift and easy maintenance
  • Stealth and external seat post cable routing
  • Threaded Bottom Bracket