E²Hightower+  and E²Nomad 



With 27+ tires and monster truck suspension abilities the Hightower + has been a pleasure to electrify.  The new Kranked Interface allows for perfect E² Superdrive placement and the all carbon frame set does an amazing job turning the added torque into meaningful forward momentum.

The new 3.0 tire standard creates a very stable stance and added grip at all times on the trail.  Kranked has been shredding the bike in the snow and on the beach alongside our regular trail routes.  This bike is really exciting and is perfect for avid trail riders.














With 27" tires and V10 World Cup inspired suspension the Nomad4 is perhaps the perfect electric Enduro bike. Equally capable shredding up the mountain as it is ripping down.  The new Kranked Interface allows for perfect E² Superdrive placement.  The Nomad comes in three builds ranging from aluminum to the top of the line Carbon Carbon Santa Cruz is famous for.  

Kranked turns up the volume when we pilot this rocket ship. Performance ride characteristics allows this bike to push all the limits and redefine high performance on a mountain bike. 



With 27" tires and genuine World Cup DH suspension combined with the E² Superdrive, the E²V10 represents a new ludicrous level of all mountain performance.  Capable of going straight up the gnarliest trails the only thing holding you back is gravity and your ability to hold on!  The new  83 mm Kranked Interface fits like a glove and maintains the perfect E² Superdrive placement.  The E²V10 comes in two race ready builds. 

Kranked has spent the last two years of R&D seeing where the limits of this bike are.  It has been the bike that allows us to keep pushing further and further into previously unexplored high performance.