A compact, modular drive system that outputs Industry leading electric performance.

750 watts nominal / 2250 watts peak / 170n/M torque 

Specifically designed to be added onto today's top of class mountain bikes.  


Performance, modularity and style - Kranked's design mantra.  Our bike partner, Santa Cruz Bicycles makes the world's best riding mountain bikes. By fusing the Kranked drive technology with the world's best riding mountain bikes we create a truly high performance ride experience. 


Mountain bike ride feel and handling are of paramount importance. Maintaining and enhancing the ride characteristics of the mountain bike are foremost on our minds designing this technology.  Therefore we have optimized the power output to allow for meaningful pedal input of between 80-100 pedal strokes a minute.  The E² Superdrive is designed to mate with the current 1 by 11 drive systems.  The bikes we build run a 36-38T front ring to 10-42T cog set.

For off road riding we do not believe that 'pedelec' is a safe or desirable technology.  For this reason we have chosen to concentrate on 100% rider control.


The whole premise of riding a mountain bike is that it is an extension of yourself.  It is a vehicle that your inputs and carefully honed instincts control.  The Kranked E² Superdrive allows the rider to decide if, when and how much power assist the bike receives at any moment.  This control is a twist grip throttle.

There are no pre-programmed microprocessors controlling the power input.  No 'pedelec' restrictions that only allows power when pedalling.  


Ride with a combination of cadence optimized pedal input and E² Superdrive input. How much of each is flexible at every moment.  It constantly changes depending on the terrain, conditions, and rider mindset.


Ride with no assist. Lots of time on the trail you are flowing and pedalling beautifully and there is no need for any assist.  


Ride only with assist. Maybe the trail is too steep with nasty roots and rocks and therefore dangerous to throw pedal strokes, maybe you are too tired from riding so much, maybe you just choose not to pedal.  


It's completely modular, like the rest of the mountain bike. It's easy to install, remove, service and upgrade.  Within the system there are numerous parts that are also modular: 

 The motor, controller, gearing, throttle, Krankedset, bottom bracket, battery and Kranked Interface are all easily serviced and upgraded when needed. There is no planned obsolescence.

Take it off and one is left with a high end mountain bike, put it on and you have a high performance electric bike.  Want to put it on another bike - bingo - totally possible!



The E² Superdrive has a 2.5 inch internal fan that pulls air through the motor to assist with cooling.  It is also potted directly onto the custom heatsink to make the most efficient metal to metal bond.


The battery becomes unslung weight by putting it in a backpack.  This allows to bike to maintain it's light and nimble ride feel and allows the battery to be easily used for other applications.  It is connected by a special cord that has a spring loaded connector that ensures 100% contact and disengagement in the event of a crash.


A short video showing the E²Superdrive spooling up to max RPM.  With a little, fun dig at the competition..