The inspiration, marvel, adrenaline and amazingness of recreating in wilderness is what drives Kranked. 

To flow through nature on high performance mountain bikes is to..


Kranked founder, Bjørn Enga, was helping to pioneering free ride mountain biking.  He travelled the world, filming the world's top free ride mountain bikers in incredible places. 

The mission back then was show people what was happening. To push the industry. To sell film sponsorships and VHS tapes.  But ultimately it was to inspire people to get into nature via the incredible technology of the mountain bike.  It was pretty rad lifestyle to! 

Since then..wham bam!.. the technology and riding has experienced exponential growth. Some folks got inspired!

In late 2010, a couple years after the last film release, Bjørn got introduced to some early electric drive technology.

Suddenly the fantasy idea of superhero power on a mountain bike was real.  A new journey began for Kranked.


Licensing the Kranked brand to mass retail wasn't very fulfilling now that Kranked had tasted the potential of high performance mountain bikes.

By 2013 Kranked was custom building and selling electric mountain bikes while pursuing relentless R&D.

Designing, building, servicing and riding the technology for 6 years has allowed for a deep understanding of this realm.

It has translated into a product that performs at another level. 

Kranked once again is going to change the game by introducing high performance mountain biking to the world.



You can shred up now with Kranked E² Superdrive.  A powerful, modular, throttle operated drive designed specifically to ascend and descend mountains.

This drive is all about ride performance. Syncing the natural ride feel of a mountain bike with seamless on demand power.

It's hard to explain and easily misperceived, but in essence it compliments the mountain bike ride experience by giving the rider on demand power when needed.  It's Superhero worthy!

Kranked's technological genius belongs to our first and most dedicated investor, electrical engineer and for good measure physicist, Dr. Eric Enga.  The brains behind the E² Superdrive.

It works so well that it was only appropriate to name it after him. 


Kranked builds high performance mountain bikes the will consistently give you "the ride of your life!'

We believe that everything that is purchased should give great joy and be made to last as long as possible. 

Our products are purposely designed to not become obsolescence.  

They are made to be repaired and upgradable as technology advances.

Our goal is to keep you "getting to the top." 

Made, assembled and tested in the coastal mountains of British Columbia with pride and passion.


"You can't hold a good shred down!"  That's fact as we know it.  

Check out a few of our adventures on our Exploits page 

Let's influence the future and inspire a billion people to have the "Rides of their life!"


Hopefully the coolest emails you will get informing you of our journey, experiences and pursuit of designing and making the highest performance electric mountain bikes in the world.

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