Our mission is to create the highest performance mountain bikes on the planet.  We have been designing, testing and building for integration onto the Santa Cruz Nomad and the Santa Cruz V10 platforms . Our design parameters have been strict and our standards high.  We design for ultimate off-road mountain bike trail performance.  

It's taken 5 years of R&D and real world testing to meet our goals and offer you the chance to experience this incredible experience.

The Kranked E² Superdrives are made in small batches in our coastal British Columbia factory where they are assembled and and shipped with the V10 and Nomads.

We sell and support direct to consumer, as kits and as complete E² Rides.  

Back in 1998 Kranked launched the freeride mountain bike revolution with it's 'Kranked - Live to Ride' film.  Our mission then was "To define 'freeriding' and open up the doors for others to get stoked and push the envelope even further."   Today our mission remains essentially the same, except freeriding just got 10X superpowers.   Stoke your ride!